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Before we start telling you more about tennis betting in the online environment, it’s important – for all of us – to know the value of the sport. You may be a tennis enthusiast or a bettor that’s looking for another sport to bet on, but the industry’s value is of great importance in both cases.


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Knowing how much the sport is worth, so to say, helps you define your strategy when betting and properly switch between the amounts you wager so that you can ensure the safety of every bet. In 2017, the value of the tennis industry grew with 1.1% compared to 2016, reaching a value of $6.06 billion. It is the first time it has surpassed the $6 billion thresholds.


Naturally, when compared to soccer or American football, this number may seem low to some of you, but the industry makes it a bit easier to bet on tennis because it has several important tournaments and championships throughout the world.


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As you have seen, the industry is big enough for you to place some bets on. Moreover, there are plenty of players and teams for you to choose from – and if, for example, you stick with a player/ team throughout a tournament and place all your bets on them and they manage to emerge victoriously, then you are ensured to the big prize.


When betting via our platform,, you will also be able to do live tennis betting, as all the information required to do so can be found entirely on our website. We have everything from data regarding the present and upcoming matches, as well as the optimal tennis betting odds.


This way, you can come up with a betting strategy even only by analyzing the information we have available for our users. Moreover, as we keep everything up to date, you will always know when a match or tournament is going to be played – thus, you will never miss a game and any betting opportunities. – Your Platform for Pro Tennis Betting


Of course, our platform is not limited to the small or medium events of the tennis world. After browsing for a bit, you’ll find out that you can also engage in pro tennis betting on the website so that you can place a bet on that famous professional player you admire or are a fan of.


The process is very easy – just head on to our website, register, find your favorite sport and player/ team, check the odds, build up a strategy, and then just place your first bet!