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Ice Hockey Betting Odds

Before talking about ice hockey betting, we must first take a look at the industry and its value. It’s important to know such information because it helps you, as a bettor, come up with the right strategy before placing a bet – naturally, the winnings are going to be higher if the industry is worth a lot.


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We don’t even have to look at worldwide statistics in order to see a value surpassing the $10 billion mark – we just have to check the country where ice hockey is the most famous sport, namely, Canada. Here, the ice hockey industry is worth around $11 billion annually.


Moreover, when we take a look at certain hockey leagues, such as NHL, for example, we see that they are worth around $600 million. However, if we want to get an idea about how big the betting industry is when it comes to ice hockey, all we have to do is look at the average number of people that are watching the Stanley Cup – around 4.7 million people.


Naturally, this means that most of the viewers also bet on hockey games – therefore, we can assume that the ice hockey industry is worth giving a shot when it comes to betting.


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When it comes to online ice hockey betting, it doesn’t matter if you bet on the KHL or any other league’s teams or players – on our platform, you will be able to find any information that you need in order to place a safe and successful bet.


First of all, in terms of hockey betting odds, we always try to provide our users with the best ones out there, so that the amount of money won at the end of a betting session really brings a smile on their face.


Moreover, we have available multiple hockey betting lines for you to choose from so that you can adapt the betting game to your style and take the risks you are comfortable with when placing a bet.


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As soon as you join, you will notice that we have a lot of sports to choose from – including ice hockey, obviously. Each and every one of them comes with related data, information, and odds so that you won’t need to do any extra-research before placing your bet.


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